Tuesday, June 14, 2011

A Board of One

This statement was prepared and delivered today (June 14, 2011) by Commissioner David Dunmyer during a round table meeting of the Queen Anne's County Board of Commissioners. It is re-posted below without edit or commentary:

"Almost two weeks ago a meeting took place between Commissioners Arentz, Dumenil, County Administrator Todd and members of the governor's staff. The purpose of this meeting was to find areas of common ground, where we could work together. This meeting was requested by the governor's staff through contact with Administrator Todd. "

"Sounds great, right? I would have thought so too, had I known about it."

"Commissioner Arentz chose to hijack the process for his own political agenda by instructing Administrator Todd to withhold this meeting request from the other commissioners, namely Commissioners Simmons, myself, and maybe Commissioner Olds. I'm not certain if he knew of this, or played a part."

"I consider this action serious misconduct on the part of Commissioner Arentz and Administrator Todd. Are these actions of a commission working together to come up with solutions to move the county forward or are they sneaky, backhanded ways of push a developer-driven agenda?"

"When the state government contacts the County Administrator and requests a meeting with the commission, the commissioners who attend the meeting are now bound to represent the commission as a whole. Commissioner Simmons and I, and maybe Commissioner Olds, were deliberately left out of this process. Two commissioner representing the entire board illegally."

"I request that we have our county attorney come in at a future meeting and instruct the commission, in public, on the do's and don'ts of commissioner conduct and also to address the duties of the president of the commission versus the rest of the commissioners. I will not stand for being marginalized as a commissioner."


Benana said...

If there would have been 3 it means there would have been a quorom and then a lot more rules apply about public announcement and attendance.

Benana said...

DD has to grow some thicker skin.

Merle said...

I find this absolutely outrageous and a clear aberration of legal process. I also take great and personal issue with "Benanas" comments. Getting a "thicker skin" is hardly the point. Are you suggesting Dave turn his back on unethical and illegal activities and wink-wink as these illegal behaviors continue to mount? I believe all 5 commissioners were elected to represent the highest and best interests of the county at large, not their own personal agendas and that is clearly not what is happening here. What is happening is political decay being perpetrated on our county.